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Escola de Navegação


Terra Incógnita® develops navigation courses in order that all students can be able to practice their nautical activities, safely.  

Terra Incógnita® TI is certificated by the Instituto Portuário e dos Transportes Maritimos (IPTM), from who it has been assigned as an official training entity.

Our Trainers

Ours trainers are highly qualified, with a wide experience in navigation. All trainers, beyond the qualifications requested by IPTM, have a large number of navigation miles, including boat transports, a large number of national and international regattas, and had the experience of several real hazardous situations at sea. Therefore they have the required knowledge and cold blood to get over them! Most of the trainers, had previously a full and specific training of all themes, because of their merchant marine background.  

Carta de Marinheiro - Sailor Card

380€ (IPTM taxes included)
VHF – 35€ (optional)

  • Limitation: 3 miles from shore and 6 miles from an harbour;
  • 14 to 18 years: boat until 5m, power installed until 22.5kw (30hp);
  • More than 16 years: jet ski, free power limit;
  • More than 18 years: boats until 7 m , power installed up to 45kw (60hp);

Carta de Patrão Local - Local Master Card

570€ (IPTM taxes included)
VHF – 35€ (optional)

  • Limitation: boats up to 24 mts, navigation up to 5 miles from shore and 10 miles from an harbour;
  • Daily or nocturn navigation
  • No limit of installed power

Carta de Patrão Local Directo (Marinheiro + Patrão Local)

VHF – 35€ (optional)

Carta de Patrão de Costa

695€ (IPTM taxes included)
VHF – 35€ (optional)

  • Limitation: boats up to 24 mts, navigation up to 25 miles from shore


(should be delivered before the begining of the course)

  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Copy of fiscal number card
  • Medical approval: feet to the exercise of recreacional navigation (date less than 6 months); 
  • Copy of Literacy Habilitantions
  • Knowing how to swim declaration(Marinheiro/Patrão Local Directo) *   
  • 1 Photo
  • Copy of Carta de Marinheiro or Patrão Local  (if owned) *